Maybe you have thought how to embed all you videos on WordPress website without knowledge about coding. Great news! You can do it just using YouTube API Key and WordPress Social Feed Plugin

This guide provide a short answer how to to get YouTube API Key to use it in any app, plugin or extension, that requires it.

What is YouTube API?

The YouTube API is an application programming interface that allows to embed videos and use other YouTube functionalities on your website. It helps website owners use advanced video sharing features on their website or app.
What is YouTube API key? 

The YouTube API KEY is unique identifier, in other words a password, that provide access to YouTube API.


Sign in your Google Account. Open Google Console and create a new project.

Write a project name. It can be any name. After you can submit the form.
In few seconds you will be redirected to admin dashboard. If the newly created project has not be selected you can do it, by clicking on the project list and select the project on the top.

When the project has been created and selected, you should enable Youtube Data Api.
Navigate to search bar and type Youtube Data Api. Scroll down and select Youtube Data Api under Marketplace tab. You will be redirected to Api page. Here you should enable API.

Almost everthyng is done. The last step is to create Youtube API Key.
Navigate to main menu -> select APIs & Services -> select Credentials menu item.
On the opened page click the Create Credentials button and select API key option.
In some seconds API Key will be generated. Yoy can find a generated key in the API Keys list.

Congratulations! You have create Youtube API Key. Now you can copy it and paste it to the plugin or extension that requires it.