Create a new feed

When a source have been added a feed can be created.

Navigate to CG Social Feed -> Feeds and press a button + Add in header section.
In the sidebar:

  • select a social network
  • select feed type
  • select source tht have been added earlier
  • press button Create
  • select source type
  • after you will be redirected to a feed page.

Display social posts on a website

Copy a shortcode of the created feed to display a feed on a page/post/widget

  1. You can find it on the Feeds page (Navigation: CG Social Feed -> Feeds).
  2. To copy a shortcode find your feed and click on the icon in the Shortcode column

Than choose a page/post/widget where you wish to display the feed and add a Shortcode block.
Insert an earlier copied value in the empty field and save.


You have just added a feed to you Wordress webiste. If you have any concerns let us know.